What is dbPKD?

dbPKD is a database for prognostic markers of kidney diseases.

We searched the PubMed database with 47 keywords, such as “DN”, “DKD”, “IgAN”, “MN”, “FSGS”, “LN”, etc. Totally, 5,795 literatures published from 01/01/2002 to 01/01/2018 were collected. Reviews and non-English literatures were excluded first. Initial screening of literatures was based on the title and abstract. Nine hundred and sixty-three literatures were retained for further filtration. Their contents were checked for information of our interest in details.

Finally, without distinguishing nephropathy types and specimen sources, 68 genes, 66 proteins, 3 microRNAs, and 85 mixed clinical indicators were extracted from 229 qualified literatures.